“Wake up, wash up, have something to eat and run to work. There, simulate violent activity, return home to watch the series, fall asleep, and again. Day after day, year after year. We are all trapped in a loop of recurring events called everyday life. Try to tear it and you will be devoured by a feeling of uneasiness, which turns into an oppressive feeling of hopelessness, a feeling of wasted time. But suddenly, at the end of this next gray cloned day, something will happen that goes beyond all conceivable facets of everyday life? Will you be happy about it?”


We decided to bite off something terrible. As a result, we came up with a variant of the quest in a cycle with freedom of action and emotional experiences about unfinished business. In which the goal is to get out of the loop through the prompts of the environment and the correct set of actions in an endless loop without breaking over the overhanging thoughts.

Made withUnity
Tags47, GBJam, Ludum Dare